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“Develop consistent hiring effectiveness by implementing structured interviewing”

This program may be purchased in these three formats; Facilitated Workshops, Participant Workbooks and Facilitator Guides and The FastPoints Series.

Overview of Facilitated Workshops, Participant Workbooks, Facilitator Guides & FastPoints:

The Program:

To standardize the hiring process to increase retention, improve performance and reduce the cost per hire. This program gives managers essential information to insure more effective hiring. The program provides:

  1. A uniform perspective of the qualifications and factors for success in the company.
  2. The keys to interview preparation.
  3. How to deal with EEO issues.
  4. A process to structure the interview.
  5. A format for developing unique questions.
  6. Emphasis on the "fit" of candidates to the company.
  7. Flexible facilitation to meet the needs of your organization. 

The Results:

Using the Applicant Interview Matching System, companies achieve numerous positive results:

  1. Reduction in the number of interviews to hire ratio.
  2. Consistency in the interview process.
  3. Elimination of potential EEO concerns.
  4. More effective use of managers' time.
  5. Increased productivity based on better selection.



A standardized hiring process that increases retention, improves performance and reduces the cost per hire. The AIMS interviewing system combines the key elements of the candidate's background (experience, track record and education), with the personal characteristics necessary to be successful within the culture of the organization (the fit to the company).

  1. Preparing for the interview.
  2. Dealing with legal issues.
  3. Developing a list of key personal characteristics for success in the company.
  4. Structuring the interview process.
  5. Reducing interviewer biases.
  6. Formulating questions to ask. 
  7. Evaluating "fit" to the job and company.
  8. The Do’s and Don’ts of interviewing.



What they say...

Last year our turnover rate was nearly 60%. After your interviewing training workshop in January our turnover rate for the first year is less than 10%. Thank you.
President, Scientific Products Company

I want to commend you and your Applicant Interview Matching System workshop. With the techniques provided, I am now able to access more completely the information needed to make sound hiring decisions. The system is logical, thorough and it works!
Director Training and Development, Healthcare Industry

"Last year our turnover rate was nearly 60%. After your interviewing training workshop in January our turnover rate for the first year is less than 10%. Thank you."

President, Scientific Products Company

" The focus of our services is to assist companies to locate, evaluate and hire the best candidates, develop and retain employees and to assist with termination when necessary."



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