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Dr. Hammes is president of Hammes and Associates, a management and human resource consulting firm located in Barrington, Illinois. The company has been in the consulting business for twenty years and has a strong practice in metropolitan Chicago and the mid-west, with companies ranging from start-up to Fortune 100. The firm works with many clients on a national basis as well as with companies headquartered in other areas of the country. Regardless of the size of the company, Hammes and Associatesí services make a positive impact and are invaluable for enhancing individual and company performance.

Dr. Hammes, is an organizational psychologist with extensive experience in management and human resource consulting. Prior to transitioning to corporate consulting more than twenty years ago, Dr. Hammes was a clinician and manager for thirteen years in the public and private sectors of the health care industry. Therefore, he brings a wealth of experience in consulting, coaching, training, assessment and performance appraisal.

Hammes and Associates provides services in an array of management and human resource areas including executive search, objective testing, interview training, career development, succession planning assessments, performance appraisal, management coaching, team building, employee surveys, outplacement, candidate screening and general administration.

Key credentials include:

  1. More than twenty years of experience providing objective assessments for candidate selection, succession planning, career development, leadership/management consulting and personal development.
  2. More than thirteen years of clinical and management experience coupled with more than twenty years of management and human resource consulting.
  3. Development of a proprietary hiring evaluation system that assists companies to select candidates that fit better to the position and the company based on developing position profiles using successful employees as a baseline.
  4. Development of several proprietary manuals focused on career development, key employee succession development, leadership development, change management, performance appraisal, and interview training for managers.
  5. Membership in the American Psychological Association, The Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce, The Midwest Resource Group and The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
  6. An undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and graduate degrees from the University of Chicago and Northern Illinois University.
  7. Author of numerous articles and publishing of a quarterly newsletter, Human Resource SOLUTIONS Update.


In addition to developing his consulting firm, he has taught organizational and other psychology courses at several local colleges for more than 25 years.

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