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In addition to the workshops, manuals and books available from Hammes and Associates, a wide range of services are also offered. Essentially, these services assist companies to make better hiring decisions, develop and retain employees and reduce staff if necessary.

  • Candidate Assessment/Hiring Services 
    Services to assist companies to hire more effectively through a range of programs including:
    • Objective Assessment (to determine best candidate “fit” to the job and company)
    • Executive Search (all levels of management and professional staff)
    • Candidate Prescreening (we undertake resume reviews, initial interviews and then provide the company with qualified candidates)
    • Position Modeling (identify success factors to better identify candidates that fit the company).

Our hiring services will make a significant difference in assisting you to find the right fit.


  • Management Coaching 
    Services to assist managers via an objective source to discuss issues and gain a different perspective regarding leadership, conflict resolution, actions taken, etc.

The management coach provides a perspective that is not affected by internal politics, turf concerns, personalities. Bottom line: an objective advisor.


  • Career/Succession Planning 
    Services to assist companies to deal with career development and planning for employees at all levels, within the confines of the organization. This includes succession planning and key employee assessment. The key employee/succession planning program has three components (workshop, objective assessment focused on career development and an assessment center program). These components can be combined or implemented separately.

We consistently find in employee surveys that they are most concerned about personal growth and career development. These services will make a positive impact and reflect favorably on the company.


  • Employee/Customer Surveys 
    Services to assist companies to gain a better understanding of employee concerns, morale, training needs, communications issues or dealing with current or impending changes. Or, services to assist companies to access valuable customer input, concerns and ideas for improvement.

Few aspects of management are more essential than gaining a better understanding of employee and/or customer perspectives.


  • Administrative Services 
    Services to assist companies with various administrative needs including job descriptions, employee handbooks and general business consulting focused on human resource concerns.


  • Outplacement Services 
    Services to assist companies with the difficult task of terminating employees regardless of the circumstances, with cost-contained individual and group outplacement programs (including assistance with retirement planning and self-employment options).


If employees must be terminated, providing them with assistance to make the transition is beneficial to the individual and the company.

"PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: The manager's guidelines for performance review are excellent. Your process has tightened our evaluation system significantly."
Manager Human Resources, Manufacturer

" The focus of our services is to assist companies to locate, evaluate and hire the best candidates, develop and retain employees and to assist with termination when necessary."



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