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The following programs may be implemented in these three formats:

  1. Facilitated Workshops: Hammes and Associatesí can provide one day workshops with manuals that provide comprehensive, understandable and useful ideas, techniques and concepts.
  2. Participant Workbooks and Facilitator Guides: If you think that you can provide the training internally, Hammes and Associates offers workbooks and facilitator guides for implementation.
  3. The FastPoints Series: If you have time and financial constraints this series of books will provide you with the highlights for each of the programs. They are condensed versions of the workshops that offer concise information in an easy to read format.

I. Candidate Interviewing (AIMS)

This is a structured interview process that reduces hiring risks while increasing new hire retention and long term performance.
The Applicant Interview Matching System (AIMS) provides a comprehensive hiring system.

II. Management Skills

This program provides individuals who are relatively new to managing (0 to 3 years) with basic information including communication, team work, conflict resolution, performance management and other manager tasks.
The Essential Tools For Managers provides a framework for effective management.

III. Leadership Techniques

This program provides more experienced managers with ideas and methods to make the transition from managing day to day tasks of employees to broader leadership including change management, communication, working on a leadership team, managing through managers and other leadership essentials.
The Dynamics of Leadership provides a guide for managers to move beyond managing to leading.

IV. Performance Management

This program assists companies to implement a sound performance appraisal and development program, including how to prepare, developing objectives, conducting the meeting, follow-up and other keys to managing employee performance.
Meaningful and useful employee appraisal, tied to company goals, is critical to the success of an organization and to the retention of quality employees.

V. Meetings Facilitation

This program provides managers with key ideas for preparing for meetings, conducting meetings, implementing action items and other facets of meetings management.
Facilitating effective and productive meetings is an essential task for managers and others.


"I appreciate your coaching and counseling with our key management staff. It helped bring the developmental needs into clearer focus and provided managers with excellent ideas to assist them in their management roles."
Vice President Human Resources, Fortune 500 Chemicals Company

" The focus of our services is to assist companies to locate, evaluate and hire the best candidates, develop and retain employees and to assist with termination when necessary."



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